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Mo. police, firefighters unions endorse Senator McCaskill

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.
(Rachel Lippmann/St. Louis Public Radio)
Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

One day after the Missouri Farm Bureau reaffirmed its support for Congressman Akin, Senator Claire McCaskill announced endorsements from the Missouri chapters of the firefighters and police unions.  During a conference call, the incumbent Democrat praised the two groups.

"You know, none of the people who go into this line of work do it for the money," McCaskill said. "What they're looking for is a way to serve and give back and have a salary for their families."

According to Tony Kelley, President of the Missouri Council of Firefighters, McCaskill has voted continuously to maintain funding for first responders.

"We know we need to cut spending and get our fiscal house in order," Kelley said. "But cutting funding to police officers, firefighters and first responders is not the solution to our problems.

The Fraternal Order of Police grades legislators on issues that impact the police – oftentimes that issue is funding.  Senator McCaskill received an A minus, while Congressman Akin received an F.  You can find the reasoning behind Senator McCaskill's grade hereand Congressman Akin's grade here.

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