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Still no deals on tax credits, local control

Mo. Capitol
(Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio)
Mo. Capitol

Some minor progress, but no breakthrough yet in efforts to pass boththe St. Louis Police local controland tax credit legislation.

The Missouri Senatethis evening confirmed Governor Jay Nixon’sappointment to the state-run board that oversees the St. Louis Police Department.  Tom Irwin’s appointment is seen as a precursor to implementing local control.

But Senate President Pro-tem Rob Mayer(R, Dexter) says local control’s future still hinges on the Missouri House accepting the Senate’s tax credit overhaul.

“We would like to see that pass, and we certainly would then be open to pass the local control bill," Mayer said.  "The local control bill never has been a priority of the Republican Caucus here in the Senate.”

Despite the standoff, both chambers have appointed negotiators to work on a compromise tax credit bill.  House Speaker Steven Tilley(R, Perryville) called the Senate’s stance on local control “idiotic,” but he was also upbeat about the pending negotiations on tax credits.

"I think there’s a middle ground to be had," Tilley said.  "We’ve got our conference committee members working on it, so hopefully they can come up with something by tomorrow at the close of the journal, and if they do then we will be able to hopefully get it done.”

Lawmakers have until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow to get both bills passed.

Marshal was a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio until 2018.