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Mo. House committee releases alternate redistricting map

A Missouri House committee tasked with redrawing the state's congressional districts has releasedan alternate map submitted by Democrats on the committee.

The first map, favored by the committee's Republican majority, was made public last Wednesday.

The Democrats' map leaves intact most of the congressional district currently represented by Russ Carnahan(D).  It's sponsored by State Representative Ron Casey(D, Crystal City) and was released late Friday.

The GOP's map would split Carnahan's district up among four other districts, three of which are currently represented by Republicans.  It's sponsored by the committee's chairman, John Diehl(R, Town and Country).

Both maps would place the entire city of St. Louis and most of North County into the First Congressional District, currently represented by Congressman Lacy Clay(D).

The House Committee on Redistricting is scheduled to meet Tuesday, and may vote on which map to adopt during that meeting.

Senate Republicans are expected to release their redistricting map tomorrow.

Missouri is losing a seat in Congress, based on results from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Marshal was a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio until 2018.