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Theatre Showcase

STLPR Theatre Showcase

Join us for the St. Louis Public Radio Theatre Showcase on the Public Media Commons!

Over the course of two nights, we’ll feature short performances by some talented local theatre companies! Bring your favorite lawn chair and a picnic, cold drinks will be available to purchase.

Performances start at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 11 and Saturday August 12, 2023.

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Carol House Furniture: Because you like NICE things Wacker Financial Group of Wells Fargo

Participating Companies

A Call to Conscience Albion Theatre First Run Theatre The Midnight Company New Jewish Theatre Prism Theatre Company Prison Performing Arts The Rep St. Louis Shakespeare Stray Dog Theatre Tennessee Williams Fest Upstream Theater

Performance Details


Stray Dog Theatre

The Cell Phone by Stephen Peirick

It’s a normal Saturday morning, until Jessie receives a panicked call from her friend, Eileen. As any good friend would, she drops everything and rushes to Eileen’s house… only to find a half empty bottle of vodka and a friend in the throes of a marital crisis. What did Eileen’s husband do this time? And, more importantly, can the answers be found by unlocking his cell phone? This comedy by local STL playwright, Stephen Peirick, features Stephanie Merritt, Ann Hier Brown, and Elizabeth Breed Penny. Directed by Camille Fensterman and presented by Stray Dog Theatre.

St. Louis Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The cast from A Midsummer Night’s Dream will perform a selection from the play.

Prism Theatre Company

Breckendale by Elaine Ávila

This short invites us into the lives of 2 bald eagles living on a trash heap in the middle of a major city. As they mock the humans traveling to a dump to see them, they long for the days when they could rely on Spring to arrive, when they could eat fresh salmon instead of mice, and when there was somewhere for them to live other than a landfill full of plastic. In the end, we see their hope and faith that humanity can heal the Earth, if they set their minds to it and work together.

The Midnight Company

Cynthia, Linda, Pattie and Maureen (and Yoko)

July 7, 1967 - Sergeant Pepper’s has just been released. The Beatles are preparing to present “All You Need Is Love” live to 400 million people in the first satellite broadcast. Their wives and soon to be ex and future wives gather for a cocktail party before the event. Behind every great band, there’s some great women.

A Call to Conscience

Say it Flo

Michelle Tyrene Johnson, pays homage to Missouri born Florynce Kennedy. An attorney and actress Florynce worked as an activist for feminism and civil rights on cases that not only damaged black people, but they also damaged women, gay people, ex-prison inmates, prostitutes, children, old people, handicapped people, and native Americans.


Upstream Theater

Scenes from Bitter Fruit

We will present scenes from the upcoming US premiere of Bitter Fruit, by Argentine playwright Héctor Levy-Daniel

Tennessee Williams Fest

Season of Grapes

Enjoying the intoxicating ripeness of summer in the Ozarks before his freshman year, a young man is acquainted with his own passions, awakened by a vacationing stenographer.

New Jewish Theatre

Excerpts from ‘The Immigrant’ and ‘Into the Woods’

The New Jewish Theatre is dedicated to exploring Jewish themes and celebrating Jewish writers while examining the full range of the human experience. We present universal work through a Jewish lens, using our productions to enrich lives, promote inclusivity, and build community. Today we are presenting excerpts from our final two productions for our 25th season. First, we’ll look at The Immigrant, by Mark Harelik. This true story centers around a young Russian-Jewish immigrant, newly arrived in America who is taken in by a local banker and his wife in Hamilton, Texas in 1909. In this scene, Milton and Ima are helping Haskell set up his new fruit store in town and together work through the complexities of helping someone that appears different on the outside, but, might be more similar than they initially thought. David Wassilak appears as Milton, and Mindy Shaw as Ima! Second is Into the Woods, one of the most beloved Stephen Sondheim musicals of all time- coming this December to NJT! Come with us and revisit all your favorite fairy tale characters as they work to make their wishes come true, only to realize that sometimes getting what you want isn’t all you dreamed it would be. Singing Moments in the Woods, it’s our Baker’s Wife, Molly Wennstrom. For ticketing information or more on The New Jewish Theatre, please visit our table and connect with us or call 314-442-3283 for more details!

The Rep

Song Selections from Upcoming Musicals

Song Selections from Upcoming Musicals - We will be performing one or two songs for our upcoming musical offerings.

Prison Performing Arts

Scenes from the upcoming show, ‘The Privilege of Being Second’

First Run Theatre

Crab Cakes (2007) by Joan Lipkin

A husband and wife - how well do they really know each other?

Albion Theatre

Excerpt from ‘Mindgame’ by Anthony Horowitz

Albion Theatre specializes, mainly, in plays from Britain. Our next show is ‘Mindgame’ by Anthony Horowitz. It runs from October 20 to November 5, 2023 at the Kranzberg Black Theatre. It is a thriller, with lots of dark humor, set in an experimental institution for the criminally insane. We are presenting a short excerpt from the play.