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City leaders say Quincy is 'Right on Q'

Quincy, Illinois Logo
Great River Economic Development Foundation

The city of Quincy and Adams County are rolling out a new brand, designed to help tell the area's story and boost economic development efforts.

"Right on Q" was unveiled Wednesday night during the Great River Economic Development Foundation annual meeting. It essentially replaces "Life is Good," which was first used by Adams County roughly 20 years ago.

"Every community has an identity and you want to be able to let your identity be known to the rest of the world," says Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore.

"Really sum it up in a catch phrase or something that people really get. And Right on Q for Quincy makes a lot of sense."

Nine community organizations formed the Brand Quincy/Adams County Partnership to develop the new slogan, logo and website:

  • the City of Quincy
  • Adams County
  • Arts Quincy
  • The District
  • Great River Economic Development Foundation
  • Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Quincy Park District
  • Oakley-Lindsay Center

The foundation says the logo could be perceived as a cross-section of corn to reflect the strong agricultural heritage in the area. Others could relate it to the gears of an elevator. Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation is located in Quincy. Some could regard it as a paddle boat wheel on the Mississippi River.
The entire effort could be a shot-in-the arm for economic development.

"I think it's huge," Moore tells St. Louis Public Radio.

"When we're marketing ourselves to businesses that might be looking at our area - you can do business in the city of Quincy. You can do it faster. You can do it better. You can get it done, right on Q."

Moore says he also thinks it is a reflection on the area’s historical identity. 

Credit Mapbox, OpenStreetMap

“We’ve always been able to be there. Whether it’s flooding on the Mississippi River, helping out persecuted Mormons, we really have a culture of caring here in Quincy and the brand is good when it comes to summing the culture.”

The new brand is being implemented in marketing and public relations efforts. A team has been set up to lead a strategic action and communications plan to help the branding gain traction.

The cost of the new brand launch has not been announced.

Wayne Pratt is the Broadcast Operations Manager and former morning newscaster at St. Louis Public Radio.