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Twitter’s Value In 140 Seconds With Its Co-Founder (And St. Louis Native) Jack Dorsey

(Courtesy of Square)
Twitter co-founder and St. Louis native Jack Dorsey.

With Twitter making its New York Stock Exchange debut today we're highlighting its co-founder's perspective on the company's value in true Twitter fashion.

Here, in 140 seconds, St. Louis native Jack Dorsey shares his thoughts about what makes his company worth $26 per share - and worth using for its millions of tweeters. 

These 140 seconds are excerpted from a conversation we had with Dorseyon St. Louis on the Air on Aug. 29. Here are some of the takeaways from the whole conversation:

On the role of technology:

"The role of any technology throughout our civilization is twofold: number one, it’s to increase our velocity and number two, it’s to increase the participation so the more people can use a tool, and they can use it faster but all of this has to go back to communication."

On the true value of Twitter, beyond the Tweet:

"A lot of people, for instance, see Twitter and they immediately say 'I don’t have anything interesting to tweet about, I don’t want to tweet so I can’t want to use it.' A lot of the value that I think I see in Twitter and the world sees is that it actually breaks news.  It’s really about reading and seeing the world in an instant, being the first to know that something happened that you care deeply about, whether it’s locally around you, in your social network, or whether it’s global. And, it has this amazing dynamic range that shifts throughout the day and throughout our life."

On how Twitter benefits the world:

"I think we all benefit from accessing this technology because it does bring us closer and makes the world feel smaller."

Alex is the executive producer of "St. Louis on the Air" at St. Louis Public Radio.