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Primary expected to attract mainly party faithful

By Bill Raack, St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis – Missouri's primary election will be held tomorrow. Despite the presence of party elections for two statewide offices, contested races for the nominees in most U.S. House seats and a controversial statewide ballot issue, most people won't bother to vote.

Historically, primary elections have low turnouts, attracting only the most passionate party loyalists. Abe Rakov with Missouri's Secretary of State's office says this year is no exception.

"Our office is predicting a 24-percent turnout of Missouri's registered voters," Rakov said. "The turnout is a compilation of the local turnout estimates submitted to our office by local election authorities in each county."

The county turnout predictions vary from a high of 85 percent in Lafayette County to a low of 10 percent in Kansas City.

Locally, about 19 percent of registered voters are likely to cast ballots in the city of St. Louis; about a quarter of the electorate in St. Louis County is expected to show up.