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Key document may be unveiled in Blagojevich case

(file photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

By Alex Keefe, WBEZ

Chicago – The federal judge overseeing former governor Rod Blagojevich's corruption trial may unseal a key legal document this week. Blagojevich attorneys have until today to say what they do - and don't - want made public.

At issue is a government filing that outlines the case prosecutors will make against Blagojevich and his alleged co-conspirators. And the filing does contain some new evidence.

But Judge James Zagel says potential jurors won't remember such details by June, when the trial's set to begin.

However Michael Ettinger, the lawyer for Robert Blagojevich disagrees.

"They'll retain it. My opinion," Ettinger said.

"This case is different," he said. "As soon as anything's filed in this case, in three minutes, you guys have it and it's printed. If it's not on the internet, it'll be in the paper in the morning."

The Blagojevich brothers' defense team can request that information be blocked from the filing.

But Judge Zagel says it's "conceivable" he won't redact anything.

He'll make his final decision Wednesday.