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Some St. Louis bus service restored after infusion of federal cash

By Maria Altman, KWMU

St. Louis – The St. Louis transit agency Metro is restored some service Monday after a much-needed infusion of federal funding.

The agency experienced a $50-million dollar budget shortfall, which forced it to cut many bus routes in March.

Of some 200 bus drivers laid off, about 165 are returning to work.

But Metro spokeswoman Diane Williams said while some service will be restored buses still will not run as often as before.

"Two-thousand of the 2,300 bus stops have been restored," Williams said. "What that means is that people have access but they don't have the same schedule as before, but at least we're able to get there, although less frequently as before."

Metro received $12 million from the state in stimulus money and the first of a two-year $3.8 million dollar federal grant.

But Williams said the money will only support the restoration of service for about 10 months.