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Science, business leaders say Missouri needs "green" jobs

By Catherine Wolf, KWMU

St. Louis, MO –

Members of St. Louis' science and business communities say that Missouri needs new so-called "green" jobs. On Friday, they expressed that view to Ted Abernathy, the executive director of the Southern Growth Policies Board, which is a North Carolina-based think tank.

He says Missouri's energy priorities reflect a national shift from the supply and cost of energy to how to ride out the recession.

"Missouri's economy is a little stronger than some other places in the United States. But in Missouri it's certainly going to impact the state economy in terms of lost revenue from tax base, slowing down sectors in construction and other things."

Abernathy says federal stimulus money should put the state in a good position to create green jobs. He says those jobs could range from building wind turbines to weatherizing houses.