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I-64 workers damage gas main


St. Louis – A construction crew hit an 8-inch gas main this morning near the intersection of Hanley Road and Eager Road.
Dan Galvin, a spokesman for Gateway Constructors, said the crew was working on the I-64 overhaul when they cracked into the line. Galvin said the workers were aware of the gas main, but misjudged its depth:
"An 8-inch gasline is a pretty good size, and it's under a lot of pressure. When you crack a line like that, the gas is just roaring out of the break.
"We were doing some excavation around a gas line. They knew it was there, unfortunately they thought it was going to be a little bit deeper, and they hit it."

No evacuations were necessary, and Laclede Gas has since closed the main and reopened Hanley and Eager Roads.