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Three dead at Kansas City mall shooting

By Frank Morris, KCUR / AP

Kansas City, MO – Three people died at a mall in Kansas City on Sunday after a gunman opened fire, apparently targeting victims at random.

Witnesses say a middle aged man pulled into the Ward Parkway Shopping Center parking lot and promptly shot and killed people on either side of his car.

He kept shooting what police describe as a long gun, and walked into the shopping center wounding at least two others in the process.

As horrified shoppers streamed out of the building, area police, and mall security officers confronted man, and killed him.

By the time he pulled into the mall, police were already looking for the shooter.

He was driving a car, they believe he stole from an elderly woman found dead in her home earlier Sunday afternoon.

An officer had stopped the suspect, in the car, just before the mall rampage. The man opened fire on the policeman, shot him through the arm, and managed to get away. Fifteen minutes later police had calls of shots fired at the mall.

According to the victim's step-daughter, the gunman who drove a dead woman's car to a Kansas City mall yesterday and killed two people was a neighbor who talked about "shooting up people."

Pam Reed says the man once asked to borrow her stepmother's gun, but the woman refused. Reed also says the man talked about "Vietnam stuff" for many years.

Police haven't said if the man is a suspect in the death of the woman whose car he was driving but they do think the events are connected.

Police are reviewing surveillance tapes and interviewing droves of witnesses who were at the mall.