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Early voting starts in Illinois

By Amanda Vinicky, Illinois Public Radio

Springfield, ILL. – Even though Election Day is more than three weeks away, Illinois voters can start casting their ballots today (MONDAY).

It's called early voting. And it allows people to make their political choices well before the actual election.

While it won't completely replace absentee ballots, it prevents voters from needing an excuse as to why they can't go to a polling place on Election Day itself.

Missouri doesn't have early voting, but absentee ballots are still available. The difference between absentee voting and early voting is that people need to present a reason for why the can't vote on Election Day to vote absentee.

Voters should call their local county clerk or other election officials to find locations to vote early. It's allowed until November 2nd.

Early voting was unveiled in the spring during the primaries and White says there were no problems then. Thirty-five other states have some form of early voting.