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Staph infections becoming more common

By Robert Frederick, KWMU

St. Louis, MO. – On Monday, long-time Rams broadcaster Jack Snow died from complications due to a Staph infection.

Over the past decade, the bacteria has become more drug resistant.

Typically found in hospitals, new strains of the bacteria are becoming more common in the community.

St. Louis University Dr. Donald Kennedy says that over the past decade the frequency of Staph cases has increased among people who've never been to the hospital.

We have these community strains of resistant staphylococci that are causing infections on people who have never been to the hospital, don't have anybody in their family who's been to the hospital, and have no link or association with the hospital, so they're clearly distinct strains, Kennedy said.

Staph infections are treatable, and the most common symptoms include a cut that does not heal accompanied by feeling poorly, fever, or chills.

Kennedy says that proper hygiene is still the best preventative defense against Staph, which lives in moist, warm areas on the skin.