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Owners of Ill. race track 'deeply sorry' for fatal crash


Mount Vernon, Ill. – The owners of the Mount Vernon Raceway in southern Illinois say they'll never look at racing the same way again.

They've posted a message on their Web site, saying they're "deeply sorry" for the deadly accident at the track Saturday night. A stock car trying to qualify for a race veered off the dirt track, flew into the bleachers, and killed two fans and injured six others.

Illinois State Police say it could be weeks or even months to determine the cause of the crash. The racer says his throttle got stuck before the car left the track. He wasn't hurt.

The two people killed were a man and his daughter's boyfriend. Another of the man's daughters says Jeff Conner, 18, and Donald Roznowski, 51, were "good race buddies." Conner was recently graduated from Du Quoin High School.

No charges have been filed and the investigation is continuing.