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St. Louis County Woman Injured in Kosovo Shootout


Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia-Montenegro – A St. Louis County woman was among those injured in a prison shootout in Kosovo this weekend.

Two U.N. police officers were killed when a Jordanian officer opened fire. Also injured was Janice Biggs, who has worked for St. Louis County government since the mid-1980's.

She's worked a range of jobs, including corrections and social work. She recently took leave to go to Kosovo.

Family members say she was shot three times but is alert and able to speak.

It's still not clear why the Jordanian opened fire. He was also killed in the shootout; 11 people, including 10 Americans, were injured.

A group of 21 American correctional officers, along with two Turks and an Austrian officer, were leaving the detention center after a day of training in northern Kosovo Saturday when they came
under fire.

A U.N. spokesman says the gun battle lasted about ten minutes.

It was not clear what touched off the violence; four Jordanian police officers were arrested.

There are some 3,500 U.N. police officers serving in Kosovo alongside a 6,000-member local force.