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ACT Scores Down in Missouri, Up in Illinois


St. Louis, MO – ACT scores among Missouri high school students were down over last year's numbers, but the average score of 21.4 is still above the national average of 20.8.

Meanwhile, Illinois students averaged a 20.3 this year; that's up over last year. A perfect score is 36.

Officials in Missouri say fewer students took recommended college preparatory classes.

Walt Brown, the director of assessment for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, says he's generally pleased with the scores. He says if the state can get more kids in the core curriculum classes, students can do even better.

Average ACT Scores: A Comparison
2003 2002 Change
Missouri 21.4 21.5 Down Slightly
Illinois 20.2 20.1 Up slightly
Nationwide 20.8 20.8 No Change