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Local Lobby Group Supports Lawsuit Against EU

By Kevin Lavery, KWMU

St. Louis, MO. – A national farmers' advocacy group based in St. Louis is supporting a U.S. government lawsuit against the European Union. At issue is the EU's ban on the import of genetically modified foods.

The Bush Administration is filing the suit against through the World Trade Organization, claiming the continent's five-year moratorium on biotech foods is illegal.

Fred Yoder, with the St. Louis-based National Corn Growers Association, says he hopes the EU will voluntarily lift the ban on American biotech products.

"However, if they are steadfast in keeping it on, I look forward to having the WTO rule on this, and basically force their hand to make them realize what they're doing is an illegal act and not acceptable to the rest of the world," Yoder said.

He adds over the last five years, Europe's ban on genetically modified crops has cost U.S. farmers an estimated $1 billion in lost revenues.