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U.S. Senate Candidates Square Off In Final Debate

By Bill Raack, KWMU

Columbia, MO – In the second and final debate of the campaign today, Missouri's U.S. Senate candidates spent an hour and a half telling voters where they stand on the issues.

Incumbent Democrat Jean Carnahan and Republican Jim Talent, the leading candidates, directly challenged each other's records and campaign rhetoric. Carnahan challenged Talent's congressional votes on education and gun control. Talent responded by pointing out Carnahan's vote on homeland security.


Libertarian candidate Tamara Millay also participated and said there's no difference between Carnahan and Talent. Green Party candidate Daniel Ramano said a vote for him is not "throwing away your vote."

While acknowledging their impossible chances of winning, the two third party hopefuls also used the debate to blast Attorney General John Ashcroft. Romano said he'd support impeaching Ashcroft for approving the use of secret tribunals for terrorist suspects. Millay said the former Missouri governor and U.S. Senator has misplaced his copy of the Constitution. She added: "I'm not sure he ever read it."

Romano was the only candidate expressing support for reparation payments to descendants of African slaves. He added that American Indians should also receive reparations.

The candidates could not agree on another time and place to debate before the November 5 election.