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Tell us: What does every new transplant to the St. Louis region need to know?

An illustration of the St. Louis skyline, Gateway Arch and Mississippi River. The words "STL WELCOME KIT" are written across the image.
Réka Szabó
St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis has earned a reputation for being a tough place for transplants to figure out.

Buy tickets to a concert at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, but locals keep calling it "Riverport." Try to pronounce "Chouteau" with confidence, but are you sure? And there still seems to be a lot of messy baggage from a divorce that happened nearly 150 years ago. It's no wonder newcomers can feel lost here.

St. Louis Public Radio has embarked on a project to make our region accessible for new arrivals to navigate and understand. We'll publish articles and guides that aim to make settling in here easier.

St. Louis transplants, we need your help — and so does the next generation of people moving here. Inform our work by telling us below what kind of info would have been helpful when you first arrived to the region.

Brian Heffernan is the digital editor and special projects editor at St. Louis Public Radio.