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Dee wants to know what's taking Curious Louis so long to answer questions

A concerned Curious Louis community member, Dee, asked a great question about accountability:


Does Curious Louis need to get more sponsors so you can afford the resources needed to answer more of these questions?

Dee continues, "I really enjoy Curious Louis, but they seem to be struggling to keep up with the inquiries."

More resources? Who wouldn't turn down more resources? While more sustaining members to support our work is wonderful (donate here), sometimes our newsroom is just short on time.



time flying clocks

Here's what we can do to keep you informed about the Curious Louis reporting process and what you can do to help it work better.

Ways you can help:


Ask and answer questions! Each Curious Louis question has a place for your comments, suggestions, and knowledge sharing. Just scroll down to the space below the question and enter your response.


Tell your friends about Curious Louis. The more people know about the project, the more we can crowdsource answers about St. Louis.


Ways we can do better:


Meet our monthly goal. We aim to have at least two Curious Louis stories per month. Check our "related content" below to see what we've covered so far.


Give you status updates. We have stories in the works, but our reporters also have regular beats that demand coverage. You want the latest news about: the West Lake and Bridgeton Landfills; developments on St. Louis' north side and the NGA; progress/setbacks post-Ferguson; and legislative shifts in Jefferson City. Sometimes breaking news nudges Curious Louis stories to a secondary position, but not for long.


Still we can do better -- we will do better -- with telling you what's in the works. You can see stories we're investigating on the Curious Louis website. (We also did some Googling for you to answer the easier questions posed.)