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'Cut & Paste' podcast previews STL's (mostly) completed Pulitzer expansion

The Pulitzer Arts Foundation reopens Friday evening with double the exhibition space and the ability to color outside the lines whenever it wants. 

Last year, under the guidance of outgoing director Kristina Van Dyke, the austere Grand Center Institution held a drag show, featured nail art and celebrated hip-hop during a week between exhibits.They called the new program “Reset.”

Cut & Paste

Then Pulitzer officials wondered: “What if we could ‘Reset’ anytime?” But that would require more space. So they closed their doors last August to transform the basement of the Tadao Ando building and give birth nine months later to two new exhibition spaces. On opening night, three art shows will fill both floors but they yawn with possibility for future out-of-the-box events.

In this edition of our “Cut & Paste” podcast, outgoing Pulitzer director Kristina Van Dyke and curator Tamara Schenkenberg give us a sneak-peek audio tour of the Pulitzer revamp in progress. Bonus: we get to meet one of the artists.

Here are some highlights of the tour: (Click on the Tweet #cutpastestl links to quickly tweet out the preceding quote.)

  • Kristina Van Dyke, on the debut: “We feel like we’ve been working on this little secret for months, that we are very eager to share.” Tweet #cutpastestl
  • Tamara Schenkenberg, on Fred Sandback's "64 Three-Part Pieces," made of single strands of red yarn beckoning visitors to walk under and over: "He had an ardent belief that the space of art and life should not be separate." Tweet #cutpastestl
  • Artist Richard Tuttle, on his sparse "Wire Pieces,” each formed from a single Tuttle-sized wire: "I mean, what is the body? I mean, we're soul, and spirit and sun, and then this body happens and it grows old." Tweet #cutpastestl

Richard Tuttle
Credit Katelyn Petrin
Richard Tuttle

Richard Tuttle talks about the serendipity of working with wire.

Van Dyke will continue at The Pulitzer until new director Cara Starke takes the post in July.

Van Dyke grapples with how she feels about leaving the renovated space that was sparked by her own vision.

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