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Photo Contest Winners Cast New Light On Arch, City Museum, Other STL Institutions

The St. Louis area is crawling with photographic opportunities. Local professional Ryan Archer took advantage of one of them to win Best in Show in the Sheldon’s “The City at 250” photo contest.

Archer’s “City Museum Climbers,” entered in the “Events and People” category, garnered him $1,000 and a place in “The City at 250” exhibit, opening June 6. The competition was a collaborative effort of The Sheldon and the St. Louis Beacon, now St. Louis Public Radio. The Beacon merged in December with St. Louis Public Radio and is no longer a separate entity.

Contest organizers stressed that participants should beware of focusing on iconic images, unless they could find an “aspect we really haven’t seen before,” according to Sheldon’s director of art galleries Olivia Lahs-Gonzales. A number of professional and amateur photographers found that sweet spot (full list of winners is below).

Jayde Figgins, My View of the Arch, Category: Amateur - Places & Architecture
Credit Photo provided by The Sheldon Galleries
Jayde Figgins, My View of the Arch, Category: Amateur - Places and Architecture

One winning image by professional Susan Hacker Stang featured Busch Stadium during the 2013 World Series. Another, by Andrea Pfau in the 18-and-under youth division, captured a colorful view of the Science Center.

Yet another featured The Arch, which has likely been photographed more times than Marilyn Monroe. But amateur Jayde Figgins managed to reveal this Gateway City beauty in a new light to win first prize in the “Places and Architecture” category.

The 100 winning photographs will be featured in the Sheldon’s “The City at 250” exhibition, which runs through Aug. 23. Displayed images will also be included in a book. The top 150 photographs will be part of a slide show in this summer’s exhibit.

Contest winners: Best Of Show: Ryan Archer, Professional, People

Neighborhoods & Events, Amateur

  1. Carrie McCoy
  2. Michael Rudolf
  3. Jeffrey Sass

Neighborhoods & Events, Professional

  1. Jane Linders
  2. Davey Rocco
  3. Susan Hacker Stang

Neighborhoods & Events, Youths

  1. Becca Crews
  2. Melissa Rogers
  3. Andrea Pfau

People, Amateur:

  1. Hilary Hitchcock
  2. Ronald M Reim
  3. David T. Carriel

People, Professional:

  1. Susan Hacker Stang
  2. Kristi Foster
  3. Jenna Carlie

People, Youth:

  1. Emily Scholten
  2. OliviaKristineBotonis
  3. Katlyn Krei

Places & Architecture, Amateur:

  1. Jayde Figgins
  2. Jessica Riddle
  3. Elias Rotso

Places & Architecture, Professional

  1. Jane Linders
  2. Jennifer Stiller
  3. Jeff Hirsch

Places & Architecture, Youth

  1. AndreaPfau
  2. Maria Brown
  3. Marigrace Manuel

Photographers, in addition to those named above, whose work will be shown: Ryan Archer, Ann Aurbach, Heather Bahorich, Bradley Bailey, Irene Bosnjak, Amy Buxton, Jenna Carlie, Thomas Casey, Ann Chartrand, Re-I Chin, Carmen Denise Crosby, Michael C. Daft, Neil E. Das, Alex Duenwald, Dennis Dufer, Ryan Duffy, Violette Duncil, Laura Filiatreau, Robert "FERD" Frank, Steve Gardner, Christine Giancola, Aitor Godoy, Olivia Greubel, Timothy Grider, David R. Hanlon, Jeffrey Hill, Helen D. Hume, Dewey Isreal III, Greg Kluempers, George Koertel, Pamela Lawson, Destiny Laxton, Natalie Riat-Masterson, Dustin Mazzio, Adam Michaud, Betty Moore, Adam J. Newsham, Gary Gerard Otten, Mark Polege, Scott Rackers, Katherine Reynolds, Valerie Rippey, Antonine Rotsos, Lindsey Royce, Jodi Russo, Kara Schoen, Allen Skinner, Micaela Sparks, Craig Spradling, Emily G Stremming, Sean Thomas, Cheryl Thomas, Stephanie Thomas, Nic W Tullis, Charles VanWinkle, Megan Videmschek, Anne Warfield, Matt Wicks, Wendy W. Williams, Kay Wood and Camillia Zachary.
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