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St. Louis-Based American Mustache Institute Relocates To Pittsburgh, Hopes The City Grows On Them

(via flickr/anaxolotl)

Handlebar. Lampshade. Walrus.

More than a list of random items, these are just a few of the mustache options for members of the American Mustache Institute, which you may not know is based in St. Louis.

This will all change soon, however, as the AMI relocates from under the shadow of the “world’s largest mustache” -- the Gateway Arch-- to Pittsburgh, in its first leadership change since 1989.

Rally St. Louis founder and AMI leader Aaron Perlut will pass his stache of responsibilities to Adam Paul Causgrove of Pittsburgh. Perlut currently runs Elasticity, a digital marketing and public relations agency.

Perlut said he was looking for new leadership and found Causgrove through networking with other AMI chapters.

AP reports new AMI leader Causgrove said Pittsburgh has a history of “accommodating the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle.”

The AMI cites its goal as “protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against mustached Americans, by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache.”

The AMI hosts an annual charity event, the “Stache Bash,” which will also find a new home in Pittsburgh. The bash will be held in October.