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Update: Classical music set to return to analog radio with RAF-STL

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Feb. 5, 2013 - The work of Jim Connett and the Radio Arts Foundation-St. Louis has finally come to fruition. Sarah Bryan Miller of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported: "The new station will begin broadcasting on April 8, on the analog 107.3 FM signal and, on HD, at KIHT-HD2 at 96.3 FM. The call letters for 107.3 are K297BI, designating a low-power FM station."

Original story from Feb. 5: On Friday, the FCC officially filed a 350 form for the Radio Arts Foundation-St. Louis. But for station manager Jim Connett, it's not a reason to celebrate just yet. The form still needs to be approved. If it is, classical music will return to the airwaves of St. Louis.

It's not that Connett won't be presumptuous about that approval, he says, but that he can't.

"I can't presume anything, but the one thing I can do is get the station ready."

That's been done with the help of a lot of people, he says, who are anxious for the station to get up and running. People have already started making donations online, and their support and encouragement through the long and sometimes discouraging process has been gratifying, he says.

So for now, Connett says, "we just wait."