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A surprise snow, and Art Hill makes memories

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Flurries, maybe. That's what people were talking about heading into the Ground Hog's day weekend in St. Louis.

So, a fair amount of unexpected glee came to the young at heart on Sunday morning when 3-5 inches of white stuff sparkled on the ground.

For many St. Louisans, sledding on Art Hill is a rite of passage, part of what it means to be from this town. Whether the vehicle is a fancy sled, an inflated tube, a snowboard or a dish, getting down is an individual adventure in a community setting. It can be done forward, or backward, with the aid of a dog (first time in the snow for Coco) or over a "speed bump."

Whatever the way down, walking is the way back up.

walking up art hill in the snow with sled
Credit Jarred Gastreich | St. Louis Beacon | 2013