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Indivisible, a national conversation about America in a time of transition

For the first 100 days of the new administration we invite you to join St. Louis Public Radio and public radio stations around the country for a live weeknight call-in radio talk show designed to bring Americans together for a national conversation in a time of transition.

Airing Monday through Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm, each night will welcome a different host and a different theme. The common thread is a focus on  bringing listeners across every divide together to weigh in and participate in lively, candid, and inclusive conversations.

  • Mondays, WNYC’s Kai Wright will build on the issues he explored in The United States of Anxiety to survey America’s cultural fault lines and invite callers to discuss the divides and how to bridge them.

  • Tuesdays you can join WNYC's Brian Lehrer as he hosts a program evaluating how – and how quickly – American norms are changing.  How are language, ethics, the law, and our institutions adopting new contours under a new and unprecedented leader?

  • Wednesdays we welcome Charlie Sykes, a leading voice in conservative talk radio for 25 years, as he interviews policy makers and engages listeners in conversation that weighs developments in the new administration’s first 100 days against American values and conservative principles.

  • Thursdays feature Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller, who will examine American identity at this moment of change.  Who is a part of the national narrative, who feels left out, and how might our long-term sense of ourselves change?  This program will be produced by MPR News in St. Paul, Minnesota.

You can listen to the episodes that have already aired here, and then tune in to St. Louis Public Radio each evening as everyday Americans talk, debate, and find common ground. It's live radio. Anything can happen; don't miss it when it does.