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Welcome to Membership Matters, a place where St. Louis Public Radio members can get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the station & advanced notice of STLPR events!

Meet Your Online Fundraising Officer, Ben Chambers

St. Louis Public Radio couldn’t exist without generous contributions from our listeners, but organizing those donations and making sure that these gifts have the greatest possible impact is the job of our development staff. 

Ben Chambers is in charge of online fundraising for the station, managing the donation pages, reaching out to members with emails, and keeping our social media platforms up-to-date.  He regularly works with the media staff in the news department in order to make sure that various departments within the station are on the same page. 

We spoke with Ben about his favorite programs, the ins-and-outs of his job, and how easy it is to keep in touch with STLPR online.

STLPR: What’s your favorite program?

BC: I’d probably say All Things Considered.  It’s the perfect thing to listen to in the car on your way home.  By the time I’m back home, I’m caught up with the day’s news. 

STLPR: How long have you worked for St. Louis Public Radio?

Ben: Almost a year and a half. I started in January of 2015.

STLPR: What’s your favorite part of working for St. Louis Public Radio?

BC: The people! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We’re encouraged to innovate, so I’m never afraid to run an idea by someone. 

STLPR: Which premium item has been your favorite?

BC: I really like the STLPR mug that we have for members who give $5 a month.

STLPR: You handle online fundraising for the station; how often are people donating online?

People donate online all the time! It’s the easiest, fastest way to give to the station. I’d encourage all members to make their next contribution online.

STLPR: Is there a way for members to reach out to the station on social media?

Follow us on Twitter at @stlpublicradio or on Facebook at facebook.com/stlpublicradio. We've even replaced broken mugs for members who've posted about it on Twitter. We’ll always answer any of your questions as soon as possible!

Click here to make your online gift today, or reach out to Ben at bchambers@stlpublicradio.org to learn more about giving online or staying in touch through social media.