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Welcome to Membership Matters, a place where St. Louis Public Radio members can get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the station & advanced notice of STLPR events!

Award-Winning Website Garners Praise Abroad

Member Aimee Johansen listens to STLPR from France via our website's streaming service.

You may have heard about STLPR receiving a national Murrow Award for our stellar website. But the accolades for our site don’t just come in the form of awards. The same week we received this award, we also received a call from a former contributor living in France who was eager to rejoin the membership ranks.

Aimee Johansen has been living in Plouzane, France for seven years, but last lived in Webster Groves when she was stateside. She says that she relies on St. Louis Public Radio and its award-winning website “almost every day to enjoy my favorite NPR programs and to keep up-to-date on U.S. news in general, and St. Louis news in particular.”

“I learn about different parts of the world in addition to finding out what's going on at home,” Aimee said in an email with our membership department. “When I hear the music at the beginning of The Diane Rehm Show, I feel like I am transported back to my kitchen in Webster Groves, where I had STLPR on all the time when my children were little.”

The reliability of the station’s streaming service is also part of what keeps her coming back. Notably, 5% of our website’s visitors came from countries outside the U.S. in the past year.

“I very rarely have any problems with the streaming, which is very easy to access,” Aimee said. “I appreciate being able to go to the STLPR website and easily listen to programs from home… When news in France is covered, it is interesting to hear different perspectives.

“People here often ask me how Americans are reacting to this or that event,” she continued.

This reliance on STLPR abroad spurred Aimee to become a member and support this resource again.

“For a number of years, I had been a regular donor to STLPR,” Aimee said. “I decided that since I pay monthly fees for other online services, STLPR should be no different…Now I can once again enjoy all the great programming without any guilt!”

St. Louis Public Radio is thrilled to receive awards for the quality of our website, but we’re even more honored to hear we're helping members like Aimee find the information they need.

Thanks to Aimee Johansen for rejoining our membership and for speaking with us for this feature! There’s still time to give before the end of the fiscal year if you haven’t done so. Click here to donate today, or call 314-516-6489 to speak with someone in membership.