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Welcome to Membership Matters, a place where St. Louis Public Radio members can get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the station & advanced notice of STLPR events!

Look Read Listen: Your new daily dose of STLPR news and notes

St. Louis Public Radio fans enjoy our service in a variety of ways throughout their day. Some listen on their daily commutes. Others check out our articles on social media. Some people stream our broadcasts in their offices. But many of our listeners have signed up for our daily newsletter, the STL Pub Daily. And you may have noticed an enormous facelift!

The STL Pub Daily is now Look Read Listen. It’s a newsletter that emphasizes the three ways in which our readers and our members engage with STLPR. Some listen to our broadcasts while others visit stlpublicradio.org to read our in-depth reports. Yet others enjoy the visual storytelling of our photojournalism. Maybe you look, read, and listen? (If so, thank you!)

The articles in the newsletter feature look, read, and listen icons that visually communicate how each article can be enjoyed.

“We wanted to make our newsletter something you can’t wait to open each day. With Look Read Listen we hope it’s informative and fun to interact with everything we produce at St. Louis Public Radio – and great things produced elsewhere we think you might find interesting,” said Kelsey Proud, Digital Innovation Editor. 

Keep an eye out for “Look Read Listen” in an inbox near you!