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Changes To MetroLink Ticket Validation Start Monday

Metrolink tracks will undergo some grinding work over the next few months.
St. Louis Public Radio Staff
St. Louis Public Radio
Metrolink tracks will undergo some grinding work over the next few months.

Starting this Monday morning Metro Transit is changing the way it handles ticket validation for MetroLink trains.

Here are three big things riders need to know about the new system.

First, vending machines won’t automatically print the expiration time on tickets or passes; you’ll have to do that separately.

Which leads to number two, the new system will make it much easier to buy tickets in advance and not use them right away.   

And Third, Metro Spokesperson Diane Williams says you really don’t want to forget to validate your ticket.

“If you don’t have a validated ticket it is cause for a fine.,” Williams says.  “And those fines, depending on the municipality, are between $75 and $95, and you don’t want to pay that.”

Volunteers are fanning out to stations Monday morning and afternoon to help people get used to the new system.

Metro Spokeswoman Diane Williams says they know there could be some confusion about the new system but they don’t expect any major issues.

“We’ll be out there reminding people,” Williams says.  “We think we’ve done a good job reminding people ahead of time.  There are signs on the train.  We think customers are going to get it pretty quickly.”

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