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Road rage victim calling for charges against shooter

The attorney for a motorcyclist who was shot in a near-fatal case of road rage is asking the St. Charles County prosecutor to reconsider filing charges.

Robert Pedroli says the use of deadly force against his client, Keith Randell under the so-called “Castle Doctrine”, was never justified.

Pedroli is asking St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas to reconsider his decision not to charge the shooter.

Randell told the media on Tuesday that he was riding his motorcycle when a driver swerved at him and then stopped abruptly in the middle of the road. After a heated exchange, Randell says he slapped the man and was immediately shot in the chest.

“This is a result of an aggressive driver,” Randell said.  “He chose to shoot me when he was not in any fear of serious injury, and I am not getting justice because of Missouri Castle Law.”

St. Charles Prosecutor Jack Banas felt Missouri's expanded version of the "Castle Doctrine Law" stood in the way of prosecuting the shooter, as it also covers intrusions into a person's vehicle.

Randell's attorney, Robert Pedroli, says the law does not apply, because the man could simply have driven away.

“Why this man didn't drive away, why he rolled down his window to engage, why he stopped in the first place, all questions we think a jury should have to answer,” Pedroli said.

Under an expanded version of the Castle Doctrine passed by the state legislature in 2007, use of deadly self defense also covers invasions into vehicles, as well as homes.

Randell has no recourse of appealing Banas' decision.

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