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Metro raises fares

St. Louis Public Radio

Metro Transit’s governing board voted Friday to increase the cost of passes and transfers starting in July.

According to Metro’s Chief of Planning and System Development, Jessica Mefford-Miller:

  • Two-hour passes will cost $3
  • Weekly passes will increase to $ 25 and
  • Monthly passes will increase to $72.

“…and that’s just to keep pace with rising cost of things like commodities, fuel especially – we buy over five million gallons of fuel a year – and labor," Mefford-Miller said. "And, so all of our revenue sources have to grow to keep up with that inflation.”
Mefford-Miller says cash fares for single rides on buses and trains will remain the same.

The increases are expected to generate an additional $1.9 million in revenue. 

Metro estimates the $45 million in fare revenue it brings in this year will account for about 20 percent of its operating budget.