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Graffiti found in St. Louis park after Occupy arrests

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Occupy activists are taking heat for graffiti found at the Compton Hill Reservoir Park. Overnight, walls and statues were vandalized with phrases including "class war," and "cops, pigs, murderers."

Occupy protester Brian Staack  says the acts are likely related to a confrontation at the park Thursday night where St. Louis police arrested 13 activists.

"I know a lot of people had to witness a close friend or relative … be victim of assault by the city," Staack said. "So obviously there'd be a lot of anger towards that, if people saw that happen."

Police used tasers and pepper spray during the incident which sent two people to the hospital. Two men arrested Thursday night have been charged with 3rd degree assault on a law enforcement officer.

Police say last night's vandalism is under investigation.