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Blunt: “Boutique Fuels Amendment” will lower gas prices

Mo. Sen. Roy Blunt
UPI/Bill Greenblatt
Mo. Sen. Roy Blunt

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says oil refineries continue to push back on his amendment to the highway bill. The so-called “Boutique Fuels Amendment,” introduced last month, would relax requirements on special blends of gas that are used in different states and cities.

Blunt says the amendment would lower gas prices.

During a conference call with reporters this morning, Blunt said the refineries that were not profit centers for the oil companies before the Clean Air Act now are.

"One of the reasons is they have the skim chai latte option to make a fuel that’s just the perfect fuel for Kansas City or just the perfect fuel for St. Louis, or just the perfect fuel for every city that has an air attainment standard," said Blunt. "And it’s bad policy and it’s expensive for the people that live there.”

Among other things, Blunt says the amendment calls for the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy to conduct a study to determine the status of boutique fuel programs and their impact on supply, reliability, and gas prices.