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Ribbit! Frog-hunting season starts in Missouri

(via Flickr/Stig Nygaard)

Missouri's frog-hunting season begins this week.

The Department of Conservation says the season for bullfrogs and green frogs runs from sunset Thursday through Oct. 31.

Missourians can capture frogs using a hand net, gig, and throw line. They also can snag, snare, grab or use a pole and line if they have a fishing permit. People who have a hunting permit can use a .22 caliber rifle, pellet gun or bow.

Artificial lights can be used, and children under 16 and adults older than 65 do not need a permit.

The daily limit is eight frogs, and the possession limit is 16.

When a frog is speared it must be kept, but a frog that is not fatally injured through grabbing or a pole and line can be released.