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Baby elephant born at St. Louis Zoo

The new addition at the St. Louis Zoo - a to-be-named Asian elephant.
(St. Louis Zoo)
The new addition at the St. Louis Zoo - a to-be-named Asian elephant.

Updated 2:47 p.m. July 5 with name finalized:

The St. Louis Zoo announced that a name has been chosen for the baby elephant, Kenzi, which won with 69,406 (53.88%) votes. Runner up June received 40,683 votes (31.58%), Zoe received 12,249 votes (9.51%) and Mya received 6,438 votes (5%). Write-ins received .03% of the vote.

Updated 10:27 a.m. June 28 with naming contest information

It's a girl: The latest addition to the St. Louis Zoo is a bouncing baby elephant.

The zoo announced Friday that the mother, 15-year-old Asian elephant Rani, and the baby are doing well following the birth at 1:13 p.m. Friday. Curator of Mammals Martha Fischer says the baby is already healthy and walking around.

The mother and baby are not yet on public display, and the height and weight of the baby have not yet been confirmed.

The father is one of the zoo's most popular animals, Raja, the first elephant ever born at the zoo. Raja is now 18 and also becomes a father for the third time, twice with Rani as the mother.

The baby has not yet been named - but you can help with that.

The zoo has announced a "Name the Baby" poll in which you can vote for your favorite of four names the Zoo's elephant care staff has already selected:

June (our keepers’ favorite)

Kenzi (KEN-zee) means “my treasure”

Zoe (ZOH-ee) means “life”

Mya (MY-uh) means “emerald”

The Zoo said you can cast your vote by visiting the Zoo's homepage, Facebook page, or Twitter profile. You may also vote in person at both Zoo Welcome Desks or by mailing a “Vote for the Baby Elephant Name” postcard with your name, address, and desired elephant name (June, Kenzi, Zoe or Mya) to Name the Baby Elephant, Saint Louis Zoo, #1 Government Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63110.

The winning name will be announced on July 5.