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Names of licensed gun owners in Ill. likely to remain private

(via Flickr/Cast a Line)

Reporting from Illinois Public Radio's Luke Runyon used in this report.

A plan to prohibit public disclosure of licensed gun owners is headed to the Governor, who has indicated he supports it.

The 42 to 1 Senate vote Friday would overturn a ruling earlier this year by Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office that the names are public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Madigan responded after the Illinois State Police refused to release the names to reporters.  Roughly one million people are registered to own firearms in Illinois.

Republican Senator Kirk Dillard of Hinsdale says publishing the names would provide a "map'' to criminals determining whose homes to burglarize.

"It is a complete invasion of people's privacy rights, constitutional rights and it makes no sense for the public protection of the people of Illinois to have these names released," Dillard said.

Anti-violence groups say releasing the names would show whether FOID cards have gone to people who shouldn't have them.

Governor Quinn says he agres the names should be kept confidential.  But he adds he will review the legislation.