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Lambert to operate at 100 percent tomorrow while area tornado cleanup continues

Cleanup operations are ongoing in St. Louis as the region recovers from the worst tornado in over 40 years.

Lambert St. Louis Airport will be back up to 100 percent capacity by tomorrow.

Airport officials have relocated American airlines into the unused D Concourse.  This is after hundreds of windows were blown out and severe damage to the roof of the C Concourse.

Zero deaths and only minor injuries were reported.

In the nearby town of Ferguson,  Peter Menke owns one of nearly 800 homes that have been condemned because of storm damage.

“All the way up and down the street, there’s nothing but trees and limbs and as you can hear there’s chain saws going off, there’s people up the street that got it worse than we did, they had their roofs caved in from trees falling over,” Menke said.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has given the go-ahead to waive some state regulations as part of the cleanup efforts.